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Free Data Migration Tools? Not So Fast (Or, For That Matter, Not So Effective)


There is a fundamental difference between file migration and data migration; file migration often involves smaller, user-generated static files, whereas data migration involves, for example, files for Oracle or SQL databases that are active and always open for read, write, or both.

And using traditional tools for migrating these big database files, that are always in use, is only possible if you shut down the database throughout the copying process – which is, obviously, less than ideal if can’t afford to impact host system performance

Luckily, this whitepaper details one solution that is expressly designed to move large, active data (and smaller, inactive data too) without disrupting application performance or causing extended periods of downtime.

If this sounds like the best approach for your organization’s data migration efforts, download your copy of this whitepaper today to find out how you can migrate both the massive, active databases AND static file data without adversely impact performance.

Cirrus Data Solutions
18 Aug 2017
18 Aug 2017
White Paper

This resource is no longer available.