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Domino's Builds the Next Iteration of Their Online Ordering Platform on Azure


Today’s pace of option and change is tough for most companies to keep up with when the IT team is constantly fretting about, and strategizing, workload scalability. Especially for enterprises expanding into e-commerce, what they require is a robust toolset with which to move to the cloud at a pace that anticipates, and accommodates, future growth.

In this video, Brad Dight, IT Director of Australia & New Zealand at Domino’s, evaluates the business objectives and benefits of moving their global online ordering platform—which manages 70% of their orders—onto Microsoft Azure.

Tune in to learn from their transformation, from traditional brick and mortar IT servicing to an expansion into e-commerce with the Azure cloud toolset, activating agility for global growth with built-in automation. 

31 May 2017

This resource is no longer available.