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Oracle Open Source Overview


As modern applications continue to evolve and the DevOps movement makes its way into more and more IT environments, open source software is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for developing and distributing enterprise software.

However, with limited options in the market for dedicated open source providers, demand is currently exceeding supply, putting the onus on IT to spend even more time researching and evaluating open source tools.

Fortunately, this exclusive webcast does some of the legwork for you – watch to explore a myriad of open source products available, their top features and use cases and the benefits they can deliver to your application strategy, such as:

• Extreme performance (high throughput and low latency)
• Data model and platform flexibility
• Self-administering data management
• And more

See for yourself if an open source solution can solve some of your biggest headaches – whether related to data management, middleware, or physical infrastructure.

Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
03 Mar 2017

This resource is no longer available.