Brace for impact: Cybersecurity threats in 2017

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Thanks to a polarizing election, the potential ramifications of cybersecurity attacks are front and center. As a result, your friends and relatives may finally have some concept of what it is that you actually do and its importance.

In this issue of Information Security magazine, we look at the incoming threats in 2017 and some countermeasures that can help your organization bolster its defenses.

Also in this issue:
• The CISO of FICO, Vickie Miller discusses the role of the evolving CISO
• Learn how ransomware attacks doubled in 2016
• NIST is creating new guidelines for password policies, which will be adopted by the U.S. government
• Security and compliance with Digital River’s Dyann Bradbury

TechTarget Security
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 1, 2017
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