The New 'Reality' for Digital Business Management

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We've all seen footage of astronauts being trained for space travel in virtual environments, and VR and AR technologies are now being implemented in consumer products. Now the business world is starting to catch up, as companies are using AR and VR tech to boost productivity, allow remote collaboration and improve training. But questions remain as to whether these technologies will provide real value to companies. We try to help companies get out in front of the trend in this issue of CIO Decisions. To do that, we talked to companies about their experiences implementing AR/VR technologies and its influence on the digital business. Elsewhere in this issue, representatives from the MIT Media Lab discuss whether autonomous machines can have morals, and the CIO of Oral Roberts University discusses how to overcome the "IKEA effect" on IT.

TechTarget CIO
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 1, 2016
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