Moving Linux and Windows VMs from VMware to Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization: VMware Migration


If the x86 virtualization market has evolved substantially, why are so many still relying on one or two proprietary virtualization products for their server virtualization infrastructure?

Because a V2V migration can be challenging.

However, there are now tools available that allow for V2V migration without manually recreating VMs from scratch – and that automatically convert and import VMs created on other systems.

This invaluable whitepaper not only details one such tool, but it depicts the problems with NOT migrating, including having to:
• Rely on a single infrastructure vendor
• Upgrade to more costly versions before deploying advanced features
• Layer security on top of the hypervisor and/or operating system – instead of within the kernel itself
• Account for a lower threshold for max vCPUs per VM

And that just scratches the surface!

Download your copy today for insight into the benefits of migrating, and the steps required to move, Linux and Windows VMs from proprietary virtualization environments to open source alternatives.

Red Hat
09 Nov 2016
09 Nov 2016
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