Are You Ready for RASP?

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Runtime application self-protection, or RASP, is one of the latest efforts to build security into applications as they execute. RASP tools monitor and detect real-time application attacks and then fend them off through various methods. These self-protection methods depend on analyzing application behavior and the context of that behavior. This creates a form of continuous security analysis, matched with an ability to respond to recognizable attacks and take pre-emptive action when context or behavior suggests an attack might be forthcoming or underway.

This handbook is intended to serve both as a basic primer on RASP and a guide to enterprise security professionals looking to implement runtime application self-protection in their enterprise. It covers how RASP works, its pros and cons and how to actually purchase the technology required now to make it part of an enterprise security posture.

TechTarget Security
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 21, 2016
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