Stop ransomware before it infects your files

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Ransomware is unique from any other malware strain, and very dangerous.

Instead of attacking a user's entire system, it only attacks their data, putting strong encryption on each file. These files stay tightly encrypted until the ransom is paid.

So how do you stop it? Some would say simply break the hacker's encryption lock. In most cases, this leads to a lot of time and effort being wasted, and the hacked organization paying up in the end anyway.

In this expert guide, discover how to stop ransomware from breaching your network in the first place and backup all of your data.

With strong anti-malware defense, you'll be able to block or detect ransomware before it can infect anything on your network. In addition, recovery can be many times smoother with frequent data backups.

Dell Software
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 22, 2016
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