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Intelligent Endpoint Threat Defense


Hackers have a lot of time to build malicious code. For some, it's their job. You need to outsmart your attackers in order to take them down, but how?

The only way to outsmart them is to create an integrated threat defense, not only at the endpoint, but throughout an entire environment or ecosystem.

The integrated threat defense includes things like comprehensive coverage against all kinds of pervasive threats. It needs unified intelligence which is really focused on providing global, organizational and third-party data critical in determining whether or not something that's happened in the environment is likely malicious.

Learn how to address threats that leverage endpoints as the entry point into an environment and how endpoint security needs to evolve to be able to be sustainable and relevant in the future. Ensure that the next time an attack comes into your environment or attempts to penetrate, you're blocking it right up front.

Intel Security
Jun 1, 2016

This resource is no longer available.