Data lakes offer an alternative to traditional warehouses. But how to manage them?

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Data lakes, or storage repositories that can hold vast quantities of raw data and can be queried for data analysis, have offered businesses a sorely needed and more flexible alternative to traditional warehouses. But as some companies that have implemented them have found, these repositories can fail to deliver if data lake governance doesn't come into play: Businesses could fail to produce meaningful business intelligence from them, or they could even jeopardize the business.

In this issue of CIO Decisions, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski lays out how to walk the fine line between data lake governance and taking advantage of the flexibility of data lakes. Plus, we unpack how a tools and knives manufacturer overcame data center performance issues when upgrading its ERP system; explore how Dow Jones' chief innovation officer approaches the business innovation process; and examine whether advances in robotics will enable robots to help humans innovate.

TechTarget CIO
Feb 8, 2021
Apr 14, 2016
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