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Connecting and Optimising SharePoint


Only one in 10 businesses feel their use of Microsoft’s collaboration platform has been a total success, citing a lack of senior management endorsement as the main reason for failure.

Despite only 11% of businesses feeling that their SharePoint project has been a success, 75% of respondents still have a strong commitment to making the Microsoft collaboration platform work. There has been a doubling of take up in the cloud 365 version, and nearly 40% of users continue to adopt multiple add-on products to fill in gaps and extend the functionality of SharePoint.


• Nearly two-thirds of enterprises say that their SharePoint project has either stalled (26%) or isn’t meeting their original expectations (37%), according to research by AIIM.

• Adoption of business social tool Yammer is slow too, with 18% of respondents saying it has been adopted in their organisation, but only one in 10 of those reporting widespread and regular use.

• The main reason, is the failure of senior management to endorse and enforce SharePoint. Inadequate user training and a general lack of planning, investment and expertise also play a role

• 43% are happy with Microsoft’s product roadmap for SharePoint, but almost half said they were concerned about a loss of focus on the on-premise version.

• 20% feel SharePoint is under threat from more modern cloud systems, while a lack of mobile support and difficult external access has been a frustration for 35%.

Feb 8, 2021
Apr 29, 2015
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This resource is no longer available.