IBM Bromont gained a 150% ROI on predictive analytics

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In the microelectronics industry, precision is everything. IBM’s facility in Bromont, Quebec assembles CPU modules that power servers in banks, hospitals, and other organizations around the globe. Each module contains as many as 19,000 electrical connections, and a fault in just one can cause a client’s business-critical systems to fail.

Any module that doesn’t pass the production line’s rigorous electrical tests is removed and scrapped. But the question for Bromont’s engineers is whether such modules represent isolated failures, or if they might indicate a wider problem with the batch.

This use case describes how Bromont’s engineering team harnesses the power of analytics to identify failure patterns and instantly determine how serious the problem is. Read on to learn the impressive results, including a 150% ROI in year one alone.

Feb 8, 2021
May 30, 2014
Case Study
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