Case Study: Global 100 Manufacturer Reduces Risk Across 30,000 Domains in Eight Days

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A Global 100 manufacturer has thousands of applications that require continuous security assessments, relying on a legacy program that strained under the volume. After a high-profile breach at another Global 100 company, a new system was needed to reduce critical and high vulnerabilities.

How can your company implement cutting-edge security to prioritize, assess, and mitigate risk?

View this case study now to see how this manufacturer reduced vulnerabilities by 79% in 8 months, and examined 30,000 domain names and IP addresses immediately. Learn how programs can help with:

  • Extending security coverage across all critical applications worldwide
  • Continuously monitoring and remediating web applications each month
  • Create processes to prioritise security mitigations based on risk
  • And more
Veracode, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 18, 2014
Case Study
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