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Data protection has undergone some big changes in the past few years. Increasingly, organizations are looking to storage services such as snapshot and replication to supplement traditional backup. Advances in virtual server backup tools have enabled new backup and recovery methods. And the cloud has emerged as a legitimate DR target, especially for smaller organizations that may not have the budget for multiple data centers. While these things are clearly improving the overall data protection picture, data protection issues still exist. This classroom explores how data protection is evolving today with a closer look at virtual server backup and recovery advancements, why today's disk backup solutions may have a hard time keeping up with modern recovery demands, and how to craft a robust data protection strategy that goes beyond just backup to focus on speedy recovery for critical apps.


George Crump President, Storage Switzerland

George Crump is president of Storage Switzerland, an IT analyst firm focused on the storage and virtualization segments. With 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the United States, he has seen the birth of such technologies as RAID, NAS and SAN. Prior to founding Storage Switzerland, George was chief technology officer at one of the nation's largest storage integrators, where he was in charge of technology testing, integration and product selection

30 Jul 2014
01 Aug 2014
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This resource is no longer available.