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Junkyard NAS: Brian & Gabe use Infinio to put modern VDI on an old NAS


A few months ago, Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth hosted a podcast with Infinio's Peter Smith. On the podcast, Peter mentioned that Infinio's storage acceleration software could improve the performance of VDI on almost any NAS storage appliance. They joked that it would be fun to go to a computer surplus store and buy the oldest NAS they could, build a VDI environment around it, and then see how well the Infinio storage could make it work. And you know what? They DID it! This video documents the process, from searching through surplus stores for the old NAS, going to Radio Shack to buy the parts to make it work, and running LoginVSI tests (both with and without Infinio) of VMware Horizon View VDI environments.

21 Jul 2014

This resource is no longer available.