Red Hat brings the power of Linux to the desktop

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Linux is the fastest-growing server-side operating system today, and it’s making inroads on the desktop. Many companies, large and small, prefer Linux because of its reliability and scalability. IT managers value Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for the stability, security, and flexibility it delivers to the organization. And because the source code is open, the desktop can be enhanced quickly and easily without having to wait for proprietary vendors to issue fixes on a schedule that suits them more than their customers.

This white paper will help you learn how Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a cost-effective alternative to proprietary operating systems, making it extremely attractive to those businesses that don’t have a big
budget but still want reliable, secure desktop for their users. Read on, and you’ll also learn about Red Hat’s three desktop editions—Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop client, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Workstation.

Red Hat
Feb 8, 2021
Jul 2, 2014
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