Business Intelligence: Cognos BI: ZiffDavis - A Visualization is Worth a Thousand Tables: How IBM Business Analytics Lets Users See Big Data

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Far too often, businesses rely on paper-based presentation of data in the form of summary tables, graphs, and charts. Unfortunately, these antiquated methodologies are ineffective, oftentimes inaccurate; not to mention they’re far from transparent.

To make matter a little more complicated, as big data grows, these spreadsheets become less and less effective—even going as far as eliminating the ability to compete in the current market. So what can be done to help solve the problems?

The following white paper explores the importance of data visualization in deciphering growing big data volumes. Learn why spreadsheets and other conventional data display methods cause so many problems, how visualization offers a solution, technology recommendations, and more. 

Feb 8, 2021
Jun 11, 2014
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