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ECM: Ensuring Object Integrity and Recoverability


There’s an 80/20 rule for nearly every situation. For information protection in enterprise content management (ECM) systems, the 80/20 rule reveals a shocking statistic: 80 percent of ECM data loss comes not from system failures or large-scale disasters, but from operational incidents. These seemingly innocuous events, which affect granular pieces of information, include administrative and programmatic errors, viruses, and malfeasance.

Most organizations occupy themselves with protecting ECM repositories against the 20 percent of data loss incidents that are least likely to occur: massive system failures or full-scale disasters. This puts companies at risk on many fronts, and can result in an inability to comply with regulations, an inability to conduct day-to-day business, and significant financial exposure.

This white paper:

  • Explores the myth of information protection in ECM systems
  • Reviews the value and complexity of ECM information
  • Provides examples of operational incidents and their impact
  • Presents guidelines for selecting an ECM system information protection solution

Download it now to ensure your organization is not suffering from a false sense of recovery.

enChoice Inc.
05 Jun 2014
05 Jun 2014
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White Paper

This resource is no longer available.