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Why you need more than Enterprise backup for effective protection of ECM


Enterprise content management (ECM) systems present a unique data protection challenge within enterprise-wide backup and recovery practices. They are intended to help companies more easily manipulate and leverage vast amounts of complex data types.  ECM systems dynamically create and manage the entire content lifecycle along with its associated metadata (i.e. audit trails, approvals, revisions, annotations).  This complex information record is often referred to as an Object.

Safeguarding the data within these complex systems requires a solution that not only protects the entire system against failures and disasters, but also enables object-level recovery of the content and metadata in cases of operational data loss.

This white paper explores the unique challenges of protecting information within ECM systems. It discusses why it's imperative to have not only a solution for safeguarding against full system failures and disasters, but also to have a solution that enables object-level recovery with no system downtime in order to ensure rapid response to business demands and regulatory requests.

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enChoice Inc.
06 Jun 2014
06 Jun 2014
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This resource is no longer available.