How Eliminating SAN from your Oracle Data Warehouse can Increase Performance

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Application slowness can be caused by a handful of things, but poor disk I/O is typically a primary cause. Performance that varies widely can cause CPU exhaustion and high I/O rates, making everything lock up and slow down. 

In this case study, a business intelligence provider for the semiconductor industry eliminated SAN from its Oracle data warehouse to increase their average performance 5 to 10 fold. Discover the database performance benefits seen, including:

  • Dramatically reduced latency by moving the entire database into the server
  • Great reliability, replacing 30 disks with 4 NAND flash drives
  • Reduced maintenance by eliminating SAN from its database layer
  • And more
Dell, Inc. and Fusion-io
Feb 8, 2021
May 29, 2014
Case Study
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