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Information governance Frameworks: The evolving models and the tried and true


Modern companies generate and store more data than ever. As their data footprint constantly expands, organizations are forced to reexamine information governance frameworks to stay regulatory compliant and maintain everyday business operations. This may sound daunting, but does not necessarily involve reinventing the wheel: Proven, successful information governance techniques are still useful in the big data era. Enter this interactive, online learning environment to discover how to adapt your data management strategy to the digital age. Topics covered will include:
• Using information governance to get the most from digital assets
• The biggest myths surrounding information governance – and how to debunk them
• How to recycle proven data management techniques to save money on new investments
• And much more


Jeffrey Ritter digital information expert

Jeffrey Ritter is one of the nation's experts in the converging complexity of information governance, security, the use of digital information as evidence and the emergence of cloud services. He advises companies and governments on successful 21st-century strategies for managing digital information with legal and business value. He is currently developing and teaching courses on information governance at Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering and Georgetown University Law.

14 May 2014
15 May 2014
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This resource is no longer available.