The Power To Destroy: How Malware Works

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A recent study shows that about 25% of IT managers don’t know how secure their website is.

Risks to that security can take many forms, as malware has the ability to log keystrokes, lead to data breaches, lock down hardware, and use infected systems as a vehicle to spread its malicious attacks.

What’s worse is the average recovery time of 24 days, which can cost organizations over $590,000.

In this resource, gain insight on how to keep your website protected from today’s vicious threat landscape, and the responsibility you have to patch up your weak points. Featured topics include:

  • Regular scanning combats stealth
  • Toolkits: The new master key for website vulnerabilities
  • What malware can do, and how they work: Top 4 attack types
  • And much more.
Feb 8, 2021
May 14, 2014
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