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Cloud and BYOD: So Happy Together


Allowing employees to work securely and effectively on a range of devices is an IT imperative in the cloud era. That means setting policies and instituting best practices that address mobile device management, mobile application management, cloud-based file sharing, identity management and related topics. Only when a thorough BYOD strategy is in place can an organization be confident that its workers are safely handling data on consumer devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. 

Access this white paper to learn how to implement a BYOD strategy that handles device management, content management, and file sharing responsibilities for a secure and efficient mobile business. 


Craig Mathias Farpoint Group

Craig J. Mathias is a principal with Farpoint Group, a wireless and mobile advisory firm that works with manufacturers, network operators, enterprises and the financial community on technology assessment and analysis, strategy development, product design and marketing, education, training and the integration of emerging technologies into business operations. He is an often-quoted industry analyst and speaker at industry conferences and events.

Dan Sullivan author and systems architect

Dan Sullivan is an author, systems architect, and consultant with over 20 years of IT experience with engagements in advanced analytics, systems architecture, database design, enterprise security and business intelligence. He is a leading provider of expert, third-party content for the IT industry and has written extensively about topics ranging from data warehousing, cloud computing and advanced analytics to security management, collaboration, and text mining.

30 Apr 2014
08 May 2014
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This resource is no longer available.