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Erick Steffens on 1st, middle, last mile and symmetric/asymmetric acceleration


Today, as more and more customers access the web to do the majority of their shopping and socializing, it has become the new market imperative that businesses deliver content in an engaging and latency-free way. But not everyone knows how to make their content easier or quicker to access.

In the following FAQ, expert Erick Steffens reveals how innovative businesses are optimizing their systems, strategies and processes, leveraging content delivery networks, and implementing techniques such as symmetric/asymmetric acceleration to vastly improve content delivery to the end user.

Gain straightforward answers to critical questions such as:

• What are businesses doing in-house to improve performance?
• What elements are out of a typical business’ control?
• What should the network that delivers our digital content look like?
• And more

Limelight Networks, Inc.
05 May 2014

This resource is no longer available.