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Part 1 ConvergedSystem100 for Hosted Desktops: What's in it for YOU?


HP Moonshot has been a hot topic of late, though many people aren’t familiar with what it’s all about. Is it a VDI solution? Sort of. Is it blade PCs? Sort of. HP, along with AMD, has coined this technology Hosted Desktop Infrastructure, or HDI.

In part 1 of this HDI video series, HP’s Jason Strawderman talks to Brian Madden about just what HP Moonshot is all about, including how “HDI” differs from VDI, the components from HP and AMD that make up Moonshot, and the appropriate use cases.

Be sure to also check out "HDI Video Series Part 2: What are the costs and benefits of HDI?" as well as "HDI Video Series Part 3: How is HDI implemented?" to learn more. Audio versions of these presentations are also available.

HP ConvergedSystem 100 for hosted desktops with the power efficient AMD Opteron™ X2150 APU AMD. The AMD Arrow logo, AMD Opteron, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

HP & AMD Opteron™
Apr 24, 2014

This resource is no longer available.