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Recovery Performance-Based Pricing: An Innovation to Drive Business Growth


Service Providers offering data protection solutions face a challenging and rapidly changing marketplace. Mounting price pressure and commoditization of backup and recovery solutions have made the environment especially competitive. At Asigra, we see these challenges as catalysts for change. We understand there is a need for cost cutting in backup and recovery software. At the same time, it is more important than ever for Service Providers to offer the highest quality technology to clients. Given the velocity of data growth, the increase in the importance of data to business operations, mobile workforces, BYOD, and larger workloads sitting in SaaS-based applications, comprehensive data protection is vital. To this end, organizations are looking for more cost-effective backup and recovery solutions to meet their growing needs.

In response to this challenge, Asigra is introducing the Asigra Recovery License ModelĀ®. This new pricing paradigm is designed to save money immediately for you and your customers, but it goes far beyond a simple discount. Download this report to learn:

  • How the model can drive new client acquisition
  • How to leverage the model to influence higher customer retention
  • How to help your customers save 40% of their backup and recovery costs immediately and even more long term
  • How the recovery analytics provided by Asigra Recovery Tracker enables you to provide more value added services to your existing and new clients
22 Apr 2014
31 Dec 2013
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This resource is no longer available.