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SAP HANA: Real-Time Analytics for Retailers



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the retail industry thrives on the data they collect from consumers. Whether the information comes from social media, point of sale, on various devices or more, success gleans from being able to collect, analyze, and turn that raw data into intelligence.

Unfortunately, the path to actionable insights doesn’t always come easy—there are a few main areas that need to be understood and addressed before you can reap the true value of data.

View the following expert interview Q&A webcast to hear from some of the biggest names from HP and SAP as they discuss some of the challenges that are affecting retailers today. Learn about the main focal points to improve upon, how to start leveraging data, and how to get to the ultimate goal of real-time insights. 

HP & Intel®
16 Apr 2014

This resource is no longer available.