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S4783 - Virtual is Better than Physical – Delivering a Delightful User Experience from a Virtual Desktop


There are plenty reasons to deploy desktop virtualization, and businesses are certainly catching on to that given the rise in adoption. However, in the effort to control costs and deliver desktops over poor connections, IT departments often find themselves forced to deliver sub-par user experiences.

This webcast session focuses on technologies which allow delivery of stunning, responsive, and rich user experiences from virtual desktops without breaking budgets. With a focus on user experience, this session delves into IO, graphics, memory, CPU, and how to get the best user experience for your dollar. Discussion topics include:

  • GPU Virtualization
  • IO optimization
  • Flash storage for Virtual Desktop Environments
  • Configurations for Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, and VMware View
  • And more.
17 Apr 2014

This resource is no longer available.