Simplifying Oracle apps through virtualization

Structured Approach to Migrating Oracle Apps from a Physical to Virtual Environment


Deploying the Oracle applications that run your business like E-Business Suite in a physical environment isn’t easy. That’s why migrating to a virtual environment could be the answer to your Oracle woes.  You’ll see your applications running more quickly, performing better, and becoming more flexible and safe.  

How can you safely and easily make the shift from a physical to a virtual environment for your Oracle applications?

Access this technical white paper to discover a structured approach to migrating Oracle apps from a physical to a virtual environment. Topics covered include:

  • Creating a physical Oracle RAC and virtualizing it on a Vblock system
  • Adding a physical Oracle RAC node to a cluster to re-produce problems on a physical environment
  • Using VMware vMotion to perform live migration of virtual machines to different hosts for maintenance
  • And more
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Apr 24, 2014
Dec 31, 2013
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