Barium-Ferrite tape offers reliability

Long Term Archivability and Stability of Fujifilm Magnetic Tape Using Barium-Ferrite (BaFe) Particle


Long term archival data is increasing every year thanks to increasing internal controls and regulations. Many storage solutions have been developed recently, but offer the cost-effectiveness and ease of manageability of tape. Still, there are challenges associated with tape. For example, some have questioned the reliably of tape over a long term period.

Tape does not need to be periodically operated on or connected to a power source, so it’s simpler to manage and store than other storage formats, but how reliable is it? Read this brief resource to learn about a new technology from an industry leader that has developed a unique Barium-Ferrite (BaFe) tape that has been proven to be stable and reliable for at least thirty years.

Barium Ferrite
Feb 8, 2021
Mar 14, 2014
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