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Gaining a CRM Edge with Self-Service BI


Putting business intelligence capabilities in the hands of frontline customer service workers can help boost customer relationship management efforts—but there's more to it than simply deploying self-service tools.

This virtual classroom provides BI and CRM managers as well as other IT and business professionals with expert insight and advice on how to successfully apply self-service BI software to customer data in order to gain more knowledge about customers for use in fine-tuning marketing and support strategies.

In a webcast presentation, consultant David Loshin details best practices on deploying, managing and supporting self-service BI tools for customer data analysis applications.

In a podcast Q&A, Loshin discusses project management challenges and how to overcome them. And an article offers tips on using BI and analytics findings to improve CRM programs and customer outreach efforts.


David Loshin President, Knowledge Integrity Inc.

David Loshin is president of Knowledge Integrity Inc., a consulting, training and development services company that works with clients on business intelligence, big data, data quality, data governance and master data management initiatives. He also is the author or co-author of numerous books, including "Business Intelligence, 2nd Edition: The Savvy Manager's Guide" and "Using Information to Develop a Culture of Customer Centricity." Email him at

14 Mar 2014
19 Mar 2014
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This resource is no longer available.