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Enterprise vs. the iPad: 7 Steps to Avoid Deployment Disaster


As tablets become even more intuitive and convenient, information workers are demanding these devices as standard operating equipment necessary to do their jobs. And, they expect to have the same user experience as laptops or desktops.

However, because tablets can be difficult to manage and deploy, and pose added security challenges, enterprise IT has been slow to deploy them on a grand scale.

So, how can IT teams embrace tablets to enable employees to work how they want, while at the same time ensure a successful deployment and long-term management and security?

Join this live webinar as Tekserve CTO and iOS expert Aaron Feimark provides practical tips for successful enterprise iPad deployments, based on his real-life missteps and successes. Aaron will also share:

  • How the use of tablets within the enterprise represents a tremendous shift from IT's traditional "command and control" approach
  • The 7 common mistakes to avoid during an iPad deployment
  • Real-world examples of successful deployments resulting in business efficiencies
  • Tips and recommendations for a scalable tablet strategy
Mar 12, 2014, 14:00 EDT (18:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.