A Clinically-Driven Approach to ICD-10

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With the looming ICD-10 implementation going into effect in October, 2015, healthcare organizations have a lot to accomplish, especially closing the gaps in workflow and process communication in order to meet these standards.

Unfortunately, the proposed solution of computer-assisted coding doesn’t factor in lack of physician engagement with the transition to ICD-10, and can lead to even greater problems by providing inaccurate, inconsistent, and incomplete data for coding.

In this resource, discover a web-based platform that integrates a group of technologies, such as physician voice recognition and encoder capabilities, which address issues in quality patient care and clinician workflow. Read on to learn more about how this solution not only improves accuracy in clinical documentation for ICD-10, but also helps break down silos and enhances collaboration efforts.

Feb 8, 2021
Dec 31, 2013
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