Behavioral Analytics Applied to Security

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The unfortunate thing is that existing security tools are only capable of detecting one or two types of attacks. However, in an age of constantly emerging and evolving cyber threats, this is simply not enough.

With threats’ abilities to bypass these lines of defense, you need a solution that enables you to detect all types of attacks and even anticipate them before they occur.

In this white paper, discover a threat intelligence model that leverages big data and behavioral analytics technology to aggregate 4 types of component risks: People, activity, asset, and method. Click through to explore the partnership of mathematics with detailed and rich behavioral observations to successfully analyze and act upon oncoming risks. Benefits of this new approach include:

  • Reduced noise and false positives
  • Less time spent to forensically investigate a risk or anomaly
  • Expanded protection to a variety of systems
  • And much more.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 27, 2014
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