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Security University: New network security architecture


With signature-based threat detection demoted in importance, organizations need to be strategic about malware protection and re-architecting portions of the enterprise network could help. This Security School lesson will explain how to enhance network security by making the right architecture decisions, such as segmenting networks appropriately, limiting the number of unnecessary connections between servers and endpoints and identifying where to apply certain technologies to limit data exfiltration in the event of a breach. Special emphasis will be placed on how to augment an existing security architecture to increase security in certain, specific areas deemed high risk.


Dave Shackleford owner and principal consultant at Voodoo Security, and SVP of research and CTO at IANS

Dave Shackleford is owner and principal consultant at Voodoo Security, senior vice president of research and CTO at IANS, and a SANS analyst, instructor and course author. He co-authored the first published course on virtualization security for the SANS Institute, serves on the board of directors at the SANS Technology Institute and helps lead the Atlanta chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance.

28 Feb 2014
14 Mar 2014
Virtual Environment

This resource is no longer available.