Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Solutions for OLTP Applications on Dell PowerEdge VRTX

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If you’re a small-to-medium sized business, or a company that has remote/branch offices (ROBO), then you know the pain of needing a shared IT infrastructure, and not being able to implement one because they are built for large enterprises.

Thanks to Dell, this is beginning to change as they have recently introduced the first shared infrastructure IT solution specifically designed for remote and small office environments. This solution is optimized to run virtualized workloads – while providing the compute power, storage capacity and high availability needed to run a variety of other workloads, and a space-saving design which will enable you to: 

  • Experience grater simplicity
  • Realize improved efficiency
  • Achieve greater value with a pre-configured solution
  • And more

Explore this exclusive whitepaper to find out the major use case scenarios for ROBO deployments, as well as a complete overview of the product. 

Dell India
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 30, 2013
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