FirstSpirit™ makes it easy for Hamburg Süd to share content across Internet, intranet, mobile, and e-commerce channels

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Today, one of the most important facets for business success comes from the ability to effectively communicate, deliver, and expound upon internet and intranet content.

Unfortunately, as businesses continue to grow, they tend to adopt more systems than they need and instead of boosting important efficiencies—like the one stated above—they have disparate processes and actually do more harm than good to their organization.

When it boils down, what a business needs to be competitive is a centralizedCMSsystem—and the reason that drove the Hamburg Sud Group to adopt just that.

Access the following case study to reveal the CMS solution that Hamburg Sud Group used to integrate internet and intranet content to virtually improve nearly every aspect of an effective e-commerce strategy. See how editors were now able to provide customers with real-time track & trace, line schedules and more. 

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Feb 8, 2021
Feb 21, 2014
Case Study
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