Bricks-and-mortar electronics giant Media-Saturn Group cements success with e-commerce sites powered by IBM WebSphere Commerce and FirstSpirit

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Having a successful digital presence doesn’t come from your number of visitors any more. Unlike in the past, the consumer faces an online commerce environment that is vaster than the world is physically.

So, with that in mind how can you engage your customer, keep them coming back, all while managing the now necessary multilingual websites? A) You need to have the right tools in place, and B) you need to have the right accompanying strategies—the same factors that drove Media-Saturn Group to revamp their content management solution.

Access the following case study to reveal the integrated CMS that Media-Saturn Group used to triple their online sales in just one year. Get a firsthand look at how this technology helped them significantly reduce content creation time, engineer multilingual sites, and more. 

e-Spirit AG
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 20, 2014
Case Study
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