How to Turn Excel into an Advanced BI Solution

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Most, if not all, companies today have implemented some sort of business intelligence (BI) technology that enables database inquiry and analysis. However, not all businesses have the flexibility and autonomy in a BI tool that they would like. Many say they offer Microsoft Excel integration, but they often do not take of advantage of the program's full capabilities.

In this informative resource, you'll learn how to easily use Excel to extract data from your database in a way that facilitates further analysis and uses standard Excel functions. Discover the 12 functions your database must support in order to turn Excel into an advanced BI tool, including:

  • Automatic dataset Excel naming
  • Update pivot tables/graphics automatically
  • Embed Excel functions into the query
  • And 9 more
Symtrax Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Jun 30, 2012
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