Smith & Associates reacts faster to emerging opportunities gaining faster insight into supply chains and operations with IBM Cognos software

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With structured and unstructured data increasing exponentially each day, businesses need to have a business intelligence and analytics solution to help mine actionable insights from their data volumes.

Unfortunately, just having a run-of-mill BI and analytics platform is not enough. Businesses need to be able to source the right products at the right time to the right people. Not only that, a 360 degree view of business processes is imperative, especially for industries that rely heavily on supply chains.

Ask yourself, can your solution deliver what you need to stay competitive today?

Access the following case study to reveal the BI and analytics solution that allowed Smith and Associates to gain rapid, real-time insight into inventory levels, pricing, and the supply chain, ultimately delivering the best products and services to their customers. See what this technology can do for you as well. 

Feb 8, 2021
Jan 24, 2014
Case Study
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