Big data: Past, present and future (Podcast)

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Information has never been so critical in running a business. Organizations have to leverage new and existing sources of information in more innovative ways than ever before – and the volume of data is growing exponentially. The challenge is harnessing the mass of different information – both inside and outside the business – and turning it into insight that the business can use, without adding risk or extra cost.

As the mainframe contains so much business-critical data, it has become a primary resource for today’s business analytics and decision-making. An open platform enables integration with other sources of data, and its market-leading qualities of service lend it to becoming an information hub for big data initiatives.

In this podcast, IDC analyst Carl Olofson as he shares his vast knowledge of, and experience with, an open platform designed to drive above-average business results. Listen and learn more.

Feb 8, 2021
Jan 21, 2014
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