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Quest & Desktone’s Webinar, DaaS: The Smart Disaster Recovery Strategy for Desktops


Disaster can strike your business at any time, whether it is a malicious attack, a power outage, a regional disaster, or any number of other scenarios. However, according to surveys, many organizations do not have a solid disaster recovery (DR) plan in place. And, of those that do, only 41% have reportedly tested their plan.

Not having your DR plan ready or being unsure whether your system will effectively support business continuity could end up causing major harm for your organization.

This webcast discusses the critical need for a comprehensive DR plan from both a business continuity and a compliance standpoint and explains how today’s organizations can leverage different strategies and virtualization technologies to ensure they are prepared for the worst. Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of:

  • The key components of a strong DR strategy
  • The major challenges that prevent companies from optimizing DR
  • How technologies such as desktop virtualization and DaaS influence disaster planning
  • And more
Quest Systems
Jan 14, 2014

This resource is no longer available.