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Forget about email, mobile devices and network attacks. A staggering 85% of today’s malware comes from the Web, and as many as 30,000 websites become infected with malware each day. Enterprises that fail to shift more resources toward Web-based malware defense are not adequately reducing their risk. This Security School lesson will examine trends in Web-borne malware, including contemporary attacker and malware trends, and recent cutting-edge attack methods, and details the technologies and tactics enterprises can put in place to achieve “quick wins” to reduce malware risk and long-term strategies to harden browsers, enhance detection and educate users.


Pete Lindstrom Principal, Spire Security

Pete Lindstrom is Principal of Spire Security, an industry analyst firm addressing challenges in technology risk management and cybersecurity economics. In his 20+ year career, Lindstrom has held other industry analyst positions at Burton Group and Hurwitz Group as well as enterprise positions as a security architect for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and an IT auditor for PwC and GMAC Mortgage. Lindstrom  honed his finance and technology (and rifleman!) skills in the United States Marine Corps.

14 Jan 2014
15 Jan 2014
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This resource is no longer available.