VDI Performance Assurance

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Nathanael Iversen, VP Product Management, Xangati and guest speaker Lloyd Havekost, VDI expert, discuss VDI Performance Assurance and how the US Army used Xangati to solve their VDI performance issues.

Performance experienced by the end-users in VDI environments is crucial to the success of the VDI deployment. Whether you are implementing VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop, your performance challenge remains the same—the ability to track the VDI environment end-to-end: from the “front-end” (e.g., client to desktop VM) to the back-end (e.g., hypervisor and storage) to the all the other critical elements including connection brokers, provisioning servers, application streaming servers, etc.

To track all these moving parts and how they interact with each other—all the time—is a complex challenge. Plus, to do so in a way that scales with the VDI implementation requires a solution that can be leveraged across an entire support organization—from the service desk all the way up to senior escalation engineers. And from a deployment perspective, it needs to scale seamlessly by not relying on incremental software agents that can affect the performance of the desktop VMs.

The Xangati VDI Dashboard is the only live and continuous VDI performance monitoring solution that monitors the VDI environment end-to-end allowing the entire IT organization be proactive in tracking down performance issues impacting end-user experience.

Jan 8, 2014
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