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Podcast: Scaling SOA: New approaches to elastic services in the cloud


Many enterprise architects rely on the cloud, as it allows them to build systems that can scale up or scale down on demand. Scaling services up when service loads get heavy can improve performance, and scaling them back down can help reduce costs. But if you're new to cloud and SOA services, you may have some questions about getting started.

Fortunately, this expert podcast is here to help. Hear from Steve Millidge, director of C2B2 Consulting and expert on both cloud and middleware on multiple platforms, as he gives a lesson on elastic SOA services.

Tune in now and you'll learn:

  • What elasticity is and how to build elastic services supported by Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • How to prepare Java Web services for cloud services and IaaS
  • The role of the SOA repository in service discovery for the elastic cloud
  • And much more


Steve Millidge Director and Founder, C2B2 Consulting

Steve has used Java extensively since pre1.0 and has been a field based professional service consultant for over 15 years. Steve is an expert group member of JSR107 (Java Caching), JSR286 (Portlets) and JSR347 (Data Grids). Steve has spoken at a number of events including Java One, JBoss User Group, JBoss World, UK Oracle User Group Conference, UK Coherence SIG, The Server Side Symposium, Community One and regularly presents technical workshops on Java middleware in the UK.

08 Jan 2014
Jan 2, 2014

This resource is no longer available.