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Intel and Red Hat: Your Pathway to IT Modernization


As IT systems age, they become costly to operate and more susceptible to faults. Discover how creating a modernization strategy for your IT infrastructure can eliminate outdated, inefficient technologies that pose high risk. And free your team to focus on innovation most important to your business.

In this webinar, you will learn the best practices and tools for assessing the current state of architecture, organization, and business objectives. Discover practical strategies for planning and implementing an IT modernization roadmap, including:

•Building flexible architectures on commodity hardware.

•Implementing open standards for flexibility.

•Creating scalable deployments., and move toward end-to-end virtualization—and ultimately cloud computing

Join Intel and Red Hat to learn how they can provide proven solutions for your mission-critical enterprise computing, while ensuring a flexible, open foundation for innovation and growth. You can inject higher value into their core IT solutions incrementally and with confidence — on your own terms.

Red Hat and Intel
Dec 31, 2013

This resource is no longer available.