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Health IT University: PACS Best Practices- Image Sharing and Interoperability


What does it take to integrate PACS with a central RIS for more effective diagnoses – and then extending those imaging systems to the EHR? Experts offer tips for integrating archiving systems with EHRs and patient portals in order to meet meaningful use requirements. 


Reda Chouffani HIT Community Contributing Writer at TechTarget

VP of development as well as senior enterprise solution architect. Working with clients in life & sciences as well as other industries. While most of the last 13 years has been in healthcare.  Has worked with different groups in other markets and assisted them in identifying new ways to leverage technology that improves business processes, generates revenue and improves customer service/ patient care.

Don Fluckinger News Director , TechTarget

Reporter deeply embedded in Health IT beat, connecting with IT leadership at healthcare providers and payers nationally. Also, I have sources within all the major EHR/HIE/PACS/HIT data security software vendors, at federal regulatory bodies such as ONC, CMS, and FDA, and am on a first-name basis with thought leaders at many analyst/consultant companies.

09 Jan 2014
09 Jan 2014
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This resource is no longer available.