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Explain software testing benefits to the executives: Podcast


According to software testing expert Scott Barber, executives often see the testing side of software development as more than a failure -- to them, it's reached epic proportions. So why do executives see testing as, in Barber's words, "#EpicFail"? Barber says it all comes down to accounting.

In this podcast from the recent Software Test Professionals (STP) conference in San Diego, Barber explains #EpicFail in detail, and why executives write testing off as being "all overhead."

Tune in now to learn how to validate software testing to executives by tying software quality with increased revenue. Get advice from Barber on how to strike a balance between the testers' desire to make the best possible quality software and the executives' desire to make sure the company turns a profit and the shareholders stay happy.


Scott Barber President & CTO, PerfTestPlus

Scott Barber is viewed by many as the world’s most prominent thought-leader in the area of software system performance testing and as a respected leader in the advancement of the understanding and practice of testing software systems in general. Scott earned his reputation by, among other things, contributing to three books (co-author, Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications, Microsoft Press; 2007, contributing author Beautiful Testing, O’Reilly Media; 2009, contributing author How to Reduce the Cost of Testing, Taylor & Francis; TBP Summer, 2011), composing over 100 articles and papers, delivering keynote addresses on five continents, serving the testing community for four years as the Executive Director of the Association for Software Testing, and co-founding the Workshop on Performance and Reliability.

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30 Dec 2013
Dec 18, 2013

This resource is no longer available.