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Three Powerful Strategies for Unlocking the Insights within Your Data


From 10,000 feet, most global and midsized companies still look like silo farms—information is stored in independent systems, subject to different rules. Digital assets are not integrated with paper assets. Paper assets have not been effectively pulled into automated business processes. The scattered info stands in the way of efficient business management.

But solving these problems has always been hard for one basic reason—no one can prove the economic gains to shareholders that investments in business process automation can achieve.

In this webcast, digital information expert Jeffrey Ritter, accompanied by John Kreps – business process automation expert from Canon, presents three new strategies for how to answer senior management’s demands to prove a return on investment. Extracted from Jeffrey’s new book (to be published in early 2014), his new approach provides compelling economic arguments for building and measuring a successful ROI.

These strategies will enable you to unlock the financial value of information hidden among the silos and paper-based collections, lower your compliance costs, and increase the velocity of making business decisions. Aren’t those the arguments for which you want to be the champion in your company?

Canon Information & Imaging Solutions
26 Dec 2013
26 Dec 2013
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This resource is no longer available.