Global profiles of the fraudster

Global profiles of the fraudster


White-collar crime – present and future


Computers, rather than conmen, are set to be the future face of fraud, as criminals turn to robotics in an effort to avoid detection. According to the latest report from KPMG, organisations are set to battle against so-called “seeker bots” - defined as self-learning and self-replicating Artificial Intelligence that will render the faces of criminals invisible.


KPMG’s ‘Profile of a Fraudster’ report is based on analysis of 596 fraudsters investigated by the firm between 2011 and 2013. Based on the modus operandi of their crimes, it predicts that traditional fraudsters (identified by KPMG as 36 – 45 years of age, acting against is/her own organisation and in an executive positions), will be replaced by “seeker bots”.


The report warns that, on finding a gap, the bots will analyse the potential for fraud and then launch a highly specialised “attack bot”, uniquely designed to suit the type of business, size, infrastructure and data setup of the victim. The aim will be to remove assets to a virtual delivery location which can then be accessed by the fraudsters.


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11 Nov 2013
11 Nov 2013
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